Reducing the environmental impact of our printing business


Printing businesses can have a significant impact on the environment - for example, through their use of solvents, water and energy. This impact can be reduced by taking a systematic approach - either by introducing a formal environmental management system or by adopting a less formal programme of environmental improvements. Staff training is an essential element in Lexiprint’s approach to sustainability.

We therefore aim to reduce our business’ environmental impact by using resources more efficiently. This enables Lexiprint to comply with environmental legislation and improve our reputation with the growing number of customers and suppliers who consider environmental issues important.

The Responsible Print Policy

Responsible Print Policy is a standard that Lexiprint adopt to address the damaging impact of printed materials on the environment. The initiative guarantees that print materials have been produced by Lexiprint that have voluntarily exceeded the requirements for environmental best practice and are truly motivated by sustainability.

  • Where possible we use papers that have at least 50 per cent recycled fibre content. Papers with virgin fibre content are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. All our paper waste and board is collected and recycled.
  • Our process inks are vegetable oil based.
  • We offer gloss, semitone or matt laminates which are biodegradable and encourage customers to laminate only one side of a printed sheet.
  • Polywraps for mailing outers can be biodegradable if appropriate.
  • Our cleaning wipes and chemicals are collected and recycled.
  • Ink and toner cartridges are recycled.
  • Staff are advised to turn off all power supplies to machinery when not in use and switch off all unnecessary lighting. Heating timer controls and thermostats are in use throughout the building to reduce waste.
  • Staff are advised to use only the minimum necessary amount of packaging for finished jobs. This will vary depending on local, national or international delivery.